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FUZION 16oz Odorless Monomer

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UV/LED Curable Monomer
ForeverFrench FUZION Odorless Curable Monomer Polymer Acrylic system has no odor compared to traditional acrylic systems and enables strong and durable finished nails. The monomer and powder will cure under an UV light.

Instructions for Use:

Dip brush into monomer, removing excess liquid on the edge of the dappen dish or jar. Use the monomer sparingly or the product will be extremely runny. Place the brush into the UV powder to form a small powdery ball on the edge of the brush.

Apply the ball to the center of the nail and work the acrylic toward the cuticles until the nail is formed. Be careful to avoid monomer contact with the cuticles and surrounding skin. Continue building the nail to the desired thickness.

Cure Nails under an LED light for 30-60 Seconds / UV light for 3 minutes.  Note the Cured material will have a tacky layer. Using a lint free wipe and EU Cleanser remove the tacky layer before filing.  Note waiting 3 mins between application and curing will help to eliminate a tacky layer. Application can be filed without removing a tacky layer.

Finish the nail to the desired shape and length. Wash hands and nails thoroughly after application.


Avoid contact with the cuticles. Apply product on one nail to test for any allergic reaction from the product. If allergies are present, discontinue use immediately. Use only as directed.

Packaging Notes Keep in air-tight opaque container.

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