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Metallic Purple

A Gorgeous & striking Purple.

Turquoise Hologram

A Gorgeous & striking multifaceted turquoise.

Neon pink

Triple Bright neon pink.

Neon orange

Triple bright neon orange.

Mirror Metallic

Metallic chrome silver.

Black glitter

Beautiful black with multi glitter.

Blue Glitter

A Gorgeous & striking navy blue with silver holo.


Light water blue.

Missin u blue

Lite cloudy blue

Charming Prince

Denim color with faint sparkles.

Purple Glitter

Super sparkly purple glitter.

Cake by the ocean

Super pretty ocean like color.

Pink Glitter

Sparkle pink.

Gold Holo

Big Chunky flakes of irredecent gold .

Metallic Copper

Super pigmented metallic copper powder.

Silver Sparkle

A Gorgeous & striking tiny fragments of silver glitter!

Silver Holograph

A disco ball for your nails, this picture is deceiving, but the chunks are much smaller!

Bright Galaxy Purple

Pre Marbleized purple with glitter.

Metallic Blue

A Gorgeous & striking blue!
1/4lb of custom quality acrylic polymer.
Comes with a scoop for easy pouring.

List Price: $18.00
Our Price: $18.00